Richmond Pro or ClearOne better for drop-in Weekends ?

Discussion in 'RichmondPro Badminton Centre' started by wedgewenis, Sep 17, 2009.

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    Just curious because I'd like to get some play in on the weekend

    I'm from out of town so I dont know anyone

    I did play at richmond pro last sunday and had a great time there were some nice guys there ...but it seemed almost like luck that there were some other players my level that night ... most of them said it was awhile since they even played there. But they also said clearone is sometimes packed - for me it might be better since I dont know anyone?

    would ClearOne be better for an outsider on a weekend for dropin?
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    I would say it is a preference because the times suit different people.

    Yes C1 can be packed for the Saturday/Sunday drop-ins (need to get there ahead of time to get a spot). RPro, sometimes it can get full - especially for the Friday night drop in (9pm - 1am).

    I would say just come to either of them since you can meet differnet people. Most of the time, if you play there enough, you will know that a certain majority of the players play at both of the centers (I am one of them).

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