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    Dear all,

    Although I have owned a few clone racquets (yonex), i would like to write a review on my Z-slash and Arc Saber 8 DX.

    Overall okay. It is for beginners to intermediate. Furthest it gets. The handle is made of cheap soft wood (solid wood delivers a good power along the shaft to the frame.)
    Great paintwork for showing off but just friction can partially get the paintwork gone. Graphite frame- not bad honestly but the shaft is like plastic. High repulsion which is horrible for smashing. Strings came along was fake which is horrible.
    Incomplete resonance while hitting the shuttles. Pitch are less sharp than my genuine AT700. But the frame is sure not bad as it doesnt break with a few clashes.

    My clone is pretty even-balance but that depends on the grip.
    Grommets regarding clones are horrible. My ARcsaber 8DX came with off-spacing grommets where the spacing is not even.

    I hope to hear from some of you who owns CLASS A+++ clones where they have proven to have T-joints.

    My suggestion for alternative? VICTOR or pay a little more for mid lvl racquets like VT 5. It will definitely be an investment. If you read this forum meaning you have some interest in badminton so definitely mean you will improve. LETS NOT HINDER OUR POTENTIALS.
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    well that's exactly the problem with fake rackets.

    they are made with the cheapest of material to be able to sell cheaply. stiff carbon fiber are expensive. so what they do is they find the cheapest and softest carbon fiber to build these rackets with.

    the end result is that the racket will feel like a bamboo stick and the cheap material will die pre-maturely. we have seen *MANY* cases where the racket disintegrates in mid rally resulting in a projectile towards the ceiling and in worse cast towards the opponent's court.

    one more note is that we have been using very specific terminology regarding "fake" and "clone".

    fake are racket that are made to look exactly like the original, including the brand, these are the "Yonex" you can buy in ebay for US$30. they are illegal and meant to deceive the consumers. they are usually made with the cheapest materials.

    clones are non-Yonex branded rackets that only looks like Yonex in the design but not in the brand. examples are Apacs and Winex rackets that looks similar to the Yonex counterpart but with its own Apacs brand. they imitates the design of Yonex but is explicitly not branded as Yonex. they are usually made of decent materials and sometimes quite decent.

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