The match of the Day 3: Chen Jin vs. Chen Hong

Discussion in 'German Open / All England / Swiss Open 2005' started by economet, Mar 2, 2005.

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    This was without doubt the emotional match between Chen Hong and Chen Jin.
    After some all-Chinese matches the day before I firstly thought that this match would also be an ordinary training-like game. But Chen Jin took the first set quite quickly. After the half of the second set I was sure they were playing with all their strength. The second set in which Chen Jin led by 13 - 7 or 8 was especially emotionally-charged because Chen Jin turned a blind eye to Chen Hong's gesture to change the shuttle cock a few times which made Chen Hong so angry that he kept smashing until the second set was won by 17 - 15. During the last set this time Chen Hong looked away when Chen Jin wanted to have the shuttle cock changed. But Chen Jin kept calm and was not robbed of this success.

    Maybe Chen Jin will succeed Lin Dan or I saw the gold medalist at Beijing Olympic Games 2008. Finally, Chen Jin was so exhausted that Che Yu could easily win the second all-Chinese match of the day in the evening session.
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    hehe...maybe that is why the 1-set rule may have its uses in some competitions:D

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