Translated Article on Liu Yong and Dai Yun's Love Story

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    The original article can be found here:

    Here is the (poorly) translated version that I wrote up. Any corrections to the translation will be very much appreciated.



    Liu Yong: Dai Yun is the love of my life.

    The Beijing Entertainment Mail Post, Nov 11

    The Chinese Badminton Team has produced numerous couples such as Sun Jun / Ge Fei. Similarly, the mixed doubles World Champion Liu Yong, who have left the national team for a year now, and the women singles player Dai Yun, are also another loving couple. Liu Yong has even proclaimed that "Dai Yun is the love of [his] life."

    Although the two are both from Nanjing, Liu Yong is two years older than Dai Yun. Although Liu Yong was accepted into the Altheletics Industrial Team (the translations here is probably iffy), both players were taken into the Chinese National Team in 1993, and quitted at the same time later in their career. When he is asked about their romantic journey, a heart-warming smile immediately appeared on Liu Yong's face. He said, "Dai Yun and I soon became good friends shortly after she joined the Altheletics Industrial Team. During the winter of 1997, I was hospitalized because of an injury my left eye has sustained while I was training. At the time, Dai Yun would often sneak out to visit me and bring me something tasty to eat." So bit by bit, their seeds of love began to grow. The two started dating, often getting together on the weekends. Even when weren't able to see each other, they would at least spend some time together on the phone.

    Even when they are outside of the court, the couple always manage to find topics of interest to talk about.

    Interestingly, it was the emergence of a love rival that propelled Liu and Dai's relationship to the next level. As Liu Yong recalled, this happened just before Valentine's Day in 1998. The two players were competing at the preliminary rounds of the Tong Yiu Cup (the translation of this is probably incorrect again... tsk, tsk...) when a fellow player from the national team has taken an interest in Dai Yun. In the midst of Liu Yong's panic, his good friends (such as Chen Gang) came to his rescue, offering their support and guidance. Following his friends suggestions, Liu Yong quickly went out to get Dai Yun a significantly number of roses to express his love towards her. From the look of surprise and the sparkle in her eyes, Liu Yong came to realize that Dai Yun loves him after all.

    Since they have become a couple, however, Liu and Dai have had an increaing number of agruments. "Now that I am thinking about it, we have fought way too often. But most of the time, I was really the one that started it." said Liu Yong. Nowadays whenever he is being asked about Dai Yun, Liu Yong would say, without hesitation, "Dai Yun is so perfect in every way that I have nothing to complain about. Dai Yun is the love of my life."

    Now that they have left the National Team, the couple has returned to their hometown of Nanjing. Liu Yong is currently serving as the coaching player at the Sujiang Badminton Team, while Dai Yun is competing in a league at a Danish club. As to when they would be tying the knot, Liu Yong defintively said "2005. We are going to get married for sure."
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    That's actually Thomas & Uber Cup in short. ;)
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    thanks Traum!

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