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Discussion in 'Chit-Chat' started by Baddie lover, Jan 14, 2021.

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    Just created this thread if someone wants to talk about movies and TV series.

    This week, finished a hidden gem "Kingdom". The marketing for this series was really bad. Many people came to know about this series when it became available on Netflix last year July. Basically its a MMA concept storyline. The series has everything what it needs to become audience favourite. My favourite character is Jay Kulina. Jonathan Tucker did an amazing job portraying this character.

    Watch this series for sure and keep the thread active. It'll be fun ;)

    My suggestions in TV series-

    Breaking Bad, Kingdom, Game of thrones, PrisonBreak (s01-02 only) , Narcos, Silicon Valley
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    You should post IMDB links at least when you mention a show, saves us the trouble of looking up exactly what it is ;). At first I thought you meant (The Last) Kingdom before reading the MMA apart; reading the user reviews just now of The Last Kingdom it's supposed to be good (having seen one or two episodes on tv it looked like the low budget version of Vikings at the time).

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