Using Wikipedia to track the tournament bracket?

Discussion in 'Asian Games 2014' started by galaxyduo, Sep 25, 2014.

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    Hi all. Like everybody else, I am frustrated by the official Asian games website ( to see the results and the tournament bracket. It looks like the people who created the Asian games website this year didn't include a bracket view for badminton. I suppose we are all spoiled by where we get to see the bracket and the results nicely organized.

    The problem is, lists this tournament but nobody has bothered to update it. I find it strange that they would list this event but then not keep it updated. I would further guess that somebody from BWF normally updates the results in but because BWF isn't involved with the Asia games, nobody is updating it this time.

    However, we do have access to update the tournament results on Wikipedia:–_Men's_singles

    Do any of you know how to use Wikipedia? If so, as a community, we can update the progress of the tournament. Wikipedia also has a nice visual bracket system. In a nutshell, we can turn Wikipedia into a public version of
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