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    After Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia open, now it's time to name who's hot and who's not.

    Who's hot:
    Chen Long won the TO, Chen Jin won the SO, and Lee Chong Wei won the IO. But I can only name LCW the hot. Men's singles now have been in the stagflation era for quite long time. What's stagflation? Here's the hint: Uncles Peter Gade, Taufik become easier and better to deliver better results than before even though their abilities aging more and more. As a whole, the men's singles are less competitve than before. LCW can grab the title without any sweating. LCW is becoming an uncle too. I still remember in his most energized years, he had to fight to death even with 2nd class players, like Chen Yu, Chen Jin (that time), Ponsana, Sony,.... But now, Where are all those resistance now?! We witness some new guys coming to the horizon from China: Chen Long, Wang ZM, Du PY, and Victor Axelsen from Denmark, but none of them good enough yet. I didn't see any promising youny players from Malaysia, Indonesia, Korea.

    Who's not
    based on the analysis above, I would like to name the whole young genertion in men's single Who's not


    Who's hot CY/FHF seem very hot, they won SO and IO back 2 back, by beating all major competitors.

    Who's not MB/CM looked awesome when they grabbed the all england title, but after that, they lose to every pair.


    Who's hot Li Xue Rui won the TO, Wang Xin won the SO, Wang YH won the IO. But they also lost in early rounds in the tournaments they failed to won. There is none extremely hot at this moment for girls.

    Who's not Wang SX had won super series final champ, Malaysia SS champ, All England SSP champ, Asian Games, plus the finalist at Korea SSP. She was definitely the hottest before this south eastern asia tour. But suddenly, she lost her cool, without any reason.


    Who's hot TQ/ZYL won both TO and SO while WXL/YY won the IO, both of them are hot! but they have avoided playing each other.

    Who's not All the other Chinese women double players. Since only 2 pairs allowed each team for the OG and WC(?), so China only has 2 stable WD: WXL/YY and TQ/ZYL . All the others, like CS,MJ,PP...are biggest losers. Sometime, they're just paired ad hoc.


    Who's hot TA/LN won the SO, and ZN/ZYL won the IO, both are hot now.

    Who's not Even though ZN/ZYL and TJM/TQ are the top 2 ranked Chinese XD, but coaches/managers are trying send other pairs to the London 2012. XC/MJ won the all england, and won all at Sudirman cup, but let coaches/managers down after that. TJM/TQ used to deliver very good results constantly, entering SS finals 5 times in a row (China master Champ, Japan SS runner up, China SS champ, Malay SS runner up, Korea SSP runner up), but not any more. HHB/YY still struggling

    Who's hot: Lee CW; Cai Yun/FHF, WXL/YY, TQ/ZYL, ZN/ZYL, TA/LN

    Who's not: Wang SX, MB/CM, Ma Jin/Cheng Shu/Pang Pang, TJM/TQ, XC/MJ, HHB/YY
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    Check the rankings for the final winners of this Indonesia open:

    MS winner: LCW - world # 1
    WS winner: Wang Yihan - world # 2
    MD winner: Cai Yun / Fu HF - world # 1
    WD winner: Wang XL / Yu Y - world # 1
    XD winner: Zhang N / Zhao YL - world # 1

    Has there ever been any tournament's results matched to the world ranking closer than this Indonesia open? which means all the world # 1s winning all events.

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