Women's doubles pair of the year

Discussion in '2004 Tournaments' started by hcyong, Dec 24, 2004.

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    Easily the best of the year
    Yang Wei/Zhang Jiewen (WR #1)

    In their first two tournaments of the year, they lost to Gao Ling/Huang Sui in the final. In Japan, they lost to Ra Kyung Min/Lee Kyung Won in the semifinals. Other than that, they did not lose, winning 6 titles including the Olympics and additionally, also helped China win the Uber Cup. They are also runaway leaders in the world rankings.

    Gao Ling/Huang Sui
    Lee Kyung Won/Ra Kyung Min

    In 2005, watch out for:
    Young Du Jing/Yu Yang (WR #18) (Du was World Junior champ in 2002 and Yu likewise in 2004) is already more than a match for the also-runs. With only 6 tournaments (winning 2 minor ones and appearing in 2 other finals), they manage to end the year ranked #18. They will probably push into the top 5 by the end of 2005.
    Saralee/Sathinee (WR #6) is the most improved pair among the elite.

    Most likely to be pair of the year in 2005:
    Yang/Zhang's dominance does not look likely to end soon.
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    Gold: Yang/Zhang
    Silver: Gao/Huang
    Bronze: Saralee/Sathinee
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    agree with both hcyong and whizkelv.

    Zhang JW / Yang W has finally emerged as the best player. they have always had the potential as they are a perfectly forged pair on paper. height, power, speed, smart, variation, skill. you can hardly find a fault in them. it was only puzzling why they had frequently been losing against Huang/Gao in 2003. but it looks like they have found the synergy in their combination.

    Gao/Huang seems to be struggling lately, Huang Sui has lost some sting and penetration in her offense, and Gao Ling lost some of her consistency and speed in her court coverage.

    Saralee/Sathinee are a pair to watch. i was quite impressed by their performance against Zhang/Yang in the Singapore Open. a pair that always use their head when they play, never gives up and always smiling and enjoying their game.

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