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    How do you move around the court? Skipping or running? I'm really bad at footwork. Is there a way to improve? Especially in singles.
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    This whole series will do you wonders if you follow it, the footwork videos are amongst the best on youtube in my opinion. Kowi Chandra is a very good coach and his materials are very high quality. The only thing you now need is determination and deliberate* practice!

    *deliberate meaning do exercises separately to having a badminton game, so you can fully focus on the learning - perfect practice makes for perfect, not just any old practice
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    Hi there

    How do you improve your footwork?. Well... the simple and short answer to this heavily ask question are:
    1. Understand first all the correct techniques of movements applied in what define as footwork
    2. With that knowledge, practice regularly and preferably with someone that can guide you.
    3. Continue practicing and practice
    4. Repeat step 2 and 3 again and again

    ......( sorry.... It doesn't look like that simple and short.......:) :) :)

    If you are new about footwork then it's good that you are exactly on the correct route on how to improve yourself. I would not go into details about footwork here as you can get massive amounts of info about it here in BC. Send a personal msg if further guidance needed to someone that you want to ask if required. Many kind heart BC members here are willing to help.

    As for now......It is extremely important for you to understand and are able to do all the correct movements in your footwork because........... if you are not able to swiftly initiate the momentum and then smoothly coordinate in how you move your legs while addressing the incoming birdie then......... you will always be in a difficult position to perform a good hit. You will definitely not progress much in how to be a better player if you don't improve your footwork........that is how important it is regardless of what talents or skill you might think you have.

    Since training to improve footwork does and always regularly involved a lot of high intensity type of movements drills in court then do please improve your cardiorespiratory (heart and lungs) and musculoskeletal (muscle, joints) fitness so that you can have the optimal physicality and mental strength to do the training regularly and with full concentration.

    Training regarding footwork is hard but the rewards are greater. Ask those or watch those advance level players about this and they will say the same. Among all the training time that you can spare, routinely do your footwork drill first so that you can know the benefits on why it is so important to swiftly position yourself strategically in certain places on court so that you naturally lock your vision on where you can optimally hit the birdie. Push yourself so that it can become a second nature to you every time you play.

    As said..... Train regularly and seek guidance as footwork training is not a simple task if you want to improve a lot. Don't give up and keep up doing your training.

    Good luck


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