optimum body poses in landing the split steps?

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    Hi all,

    I have an issue with slow move after the split step of one of my players, look like she does the split step right but still not fast enough to reach to the net for the drop shot. (may be many other reasons), but I suspect the main problem is her body pose when she lands the split step is incorrect, that make the upper body weight block her knee down...and that make her slow. I have watched many video to learn the correct body pose that you can move faster after landing the split step....but seem it's very different with many players. Please help to share experiences if you know about this.l Many thanks. cheers
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    With the split step I believe proper form is correct, you need to ensure your split is wide enough (for me it's at least 1.5 times my shoulder width) to "spring-load" your muscles to allow you to push off. If you're standing too straight and your feet are narrow then you're not able to easily gather that energy to push off.

    The other aspects is timing and foot position; timing is the more obvious one - you need to split step as soon as your opponent hits the shuttle; one good way to practise this is when warming up always try to do a split even if you are just hitting the shuttle to each other.

    On the foot position, it is a little harder to explain, but what works for myself as a general rule of thumb is to split with my right foot closer to the backline than my left (I am right handed). This helps you to step into the shot if it's on your forehand and allows you to push off and bring the foot forward on a backhand shot.
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