Stringbed stiffness /racket density

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    I know of a stringer who reduces tension gradually as he moves to the sides (shorter strings). His theory is that it usually takes less tension to achieve similar stiffness on a shorter string vs a longer string so by doing this he would achieve a stringbed with evenly distributed tension.
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    I do similar. I think an old victor pattern had +2 on middle crosses, it felt good so I used it. Seems to widen the sweetspot.

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    I don't compensate anything. If somebody have a wide range of different rackets in his bag, I can say that he is not a real serious player. Also they choosed a racket based on something. Demoed, reviews, ratings, advertisement, favorite player, color or a shop with wrong advices. If they decide to buy a too stiff racket for them I don't compensate anything for them. If they used normal sized frames and bring me their new compact head I don't compensate anything. If they use an Arcsaber 11 and an Oliver Microtec 08, I don't compensate anything. I'm just the stringer and not shop owner who advice them which racket they should buy. If they own one which they can't use for several reason they made the mistake to buy it or got wrong leaded. I have a client who requests his ZFII and AT700 at 8.5kg. IMO he should play a different model at more reasonable tension but hey, for the few bucks I don't make the work of the shops for free. If they say that the last job was too tight, I can drop the tension on next one, but I would never string a Yonex tighter than a Forza or something like that to even out. IMO the mistake is to have various rackets and not the same model. I can't make them all play the same.
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